After taking some of Dr Maxwell supplements I am convinced that this is the best supplement company. While other brands usually offer a single ingredient, Dr Maxwell offers synergistic stacks that are way more effective than their single ingredient competitors but are priced at their level! Dr Maxwell is also the only brand that never includes fillers, stearates, dioxides and other stuff that I am not willing to take. 

Alex K.

I am so pleased with the benefits of this wonderful 2 in 1 Alpha GPC and Uridine stack that I would give it 10 stars if I could. I know that every organism is different, but for me it works really well without any side effects. I take it in the morning with my breakfast and coffee. Highly recommend it!phosphatidylserine and bacopa stack is way more effective than each ingredient on its own and offers a huge saving. Highly recommend it


I rarely write reviews but felt this is worth to share as It works!!! Dr Maxwell’s ashwaganda has really helped me with sleep and fatigue. Using 2 capsules a day for 2 months has DRAMATICALLY improved my chronic stress, my sleep and energy! Strongly recommend this product!



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