Our story

I am Alex, the founder of Proper Health Supplements and the Dr. MaxWell brand and I am an avid long-distance runner obsessed with healthy living!

During a half marathon in Europe, I met John – a 76 years old man who finished the 13.1 miles in less than 2 hours, a fantastic achievement, especially for his age. 

I was so impressed with John that I talked to him at length about how he maintained such a great shape. In addition to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, John took dietary supplements. This was the first time I heard about dietary supplements.  

The case for dietary supplements I found online was compelling. The more I read, the more I became a believer in supplements.

To choose from the overwhelming number of supplements and brands I started researching the ingredients, recommended amounts and supporting evidence.

I was shocked by what I found: many supplements offering low ingredient amounts, ingredients with anecdotal fame, supporting evidence based on studies with animals, not humans, etc.

To truly benefit from supplements, I started making my own stacks, purchasing single ingredient supplements with nutrients backed by adequate research. This was quite expensive, though.

My obsession with maximum wellness has earned me the nickname Dr. MaxWell, which I chose as a brand name when I decided to start my own supplements company, Proper Health Supplements.

Dr. MaxWell brand offers multi-ingredient formulas at significantly lower prices compared to purchasing each ingredient as a separate supplement. As a consumer I needed such and I believed there are others like me.

Dr. MaxWell dietary supplements are made in the USA by a best-in-class, FDA-registered manufacturer, following the current best manufacturing practices (cGMP).